Quiz night at the Loughton Sports and Social Club

Saturday 28th January was quiz night at the Loughton Sports and Social Club. Many of you may be aware the club is seeking new members and in these days of austerity, running a sports and social club takes up a huge amount of time.

The Club held an annual general meeting in December when insufficient numbers of people volunteered to fill the officer positions of the club and the committee. So the club organised an emergency general meeting in January to talk about whether it should be wound up.

At the January EGM, the club was packed and there was a strong support for the club continuing. All the positions were filled and the committee was to meet to get the club more active again. The quiz night on 28th was one of the first of such activities.

Wow! what a turnout. I couldn’t count the number of people who attended but it must have been well over 100 people. There was hardly enough room for everyone to sit down; and the bar was busy all evening.

Overall it was an excellent night and the turnout was amazing. It just shows what support there is in the local community in Loughton for the social club and I hope it used the opportunity to sign up as many members as it can.

I understand the quiz is now intended to be a monthly event on the 4th or final saturday evening of the month. I recommend it to anyone who fancies a good night out

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