The planning authority for the parish of Loughton is Milton Keynes Council.

The Parish Council are consulted by Milton Keynes Council on all applications for planning permission within the Parish, and the Parish occasionally makes representations on such applications, where it considers it appropriate to do so.

The responsibility for planning decisions lie with the Milton Keynes Council planning department and the Development Control Panel

The Localism Act 2011 has made a significant change for Loughton Parish Council in that a parish council is now the body responsible for the process of adoption of the local plan or “neighbourhood development plan”.

At its December 2011 meeting, Loughton Parish Council decided to commence the process of the creation of a neighbourhood plan. This process will involve extensive consultation with local residents on their vision as to how they would like their neighbourhood to develop over the next 15 years. Local stakeholders such as the Parks Trust, local schools and business will be invited to make submissions. The plan has to be scrutinized by an “Independent Reviewer” to ascertain whether there is anything contained within the plan which would infringe any legal requirement. The plan needs to consider environmental obligations and the impact development would have on the environment. The plan can only be adopted by the local planning authority if the plan has received approval by local residents in a referendum. Once passed by referendum, the planning authority must then adopt the neighbourhood development plan as the local plan applying to local planning decisions.  This means that if an application for planning permission fails to comply with the local plan, it is likely to be refused.

An early draft of the Loughton Parish neighbourhood development plan has been published on this website.

The latest planning applications for the parish can be viewed below

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