Presentation of clock to the Memorial Hall – 21 Nov 2011

The event was a presentation by Loughton Parish Council of a clock to the Trustees of the Loughton Memorial Hall in Bradwell Road Loughton, to mark and celebrate the substantial refurbishment and extension of the Hall. The Hall was constructed in 1926 and has been in continuous use for the benefit of the local community. It is well used by local groups for activities


New parish website goes live

Thanks mainly to the genius of former Parish Councillor Mike Jones, Loughton Parish Council now has a new website.

Mike has built this one using WordPress, a web format popular amongst bloggers, but also gradually finding favour with many organisations as a platform for a website.

The advantages of WordPress (apart from being free!) are that there can be many contributors, that posting is pretty straightforward, and uploading resources such as documents is also pretty straightforward.

ROAD CLOSURES for the Queens Diamond Jubilee – (Street Parties)

It is the Councils intention to make a Temporary Road Closure Order under section 21of the Town Police Clauses Act 1847 to enable various roads within the Milton Keynes area to be temporarily closed whilst residents of Milton Keynes hold street parties to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

If you wish to hold a street party in your road, please note that you will need to make your application to the Council to request the temporary closure of your road for this event by 1st May 2012.

Failure to inform the Council by this date may result in your application being refused. Please bear in mind when planning your street party that the temporary closure of a road may impact upon the services of the police, ambulance, military and fire services, who would need to be able to gain access through the road quickly, should an emergency occur.

The information you will be asked to provide when making your application
includes the following:-

  • Name of the road(s) for which you are making an application for a
    temporary road closure
  • Postal address of the road(s)
  • Date on which the temporary closure is required
  • Times (from and to) the temporary closure is to be in effect

The contact details for the Scheme Development Officer are as follows:-

Scheme Development Officer
Highways & Transportation Section
Milton Keynes Council
Civic Offices, 1 Saxon Gate East
Central Milton Keynes MK9 3EJ

Tel:     01908 254604
Fax:    01908 245212

Milton Keynes Council consultation on planning policy for wind turbines

Milton Keynes Council has launched a consultation on the Draft Wind Turbines Supplementary Planning Document and Emerging Policy: Wind Turbines Planning Applications (January 2012) (Wind Turbines SPD).

The consultation statement is available here

The draft Wind Turbines SPD provides guidance for large scale wind turbine planning applications. It seeks to increase protection of residential amenity, as well as the safety of pedestrians and horse riders. The draft SPD covers the whole of Milton Keynes Borough administrative area.

You can submit comments regarding any aspect of the SPD and Emerging Policy, or any of the background documents (Sustainability Appraisal, Evidence document, SPD Matters, Consultation Statement). However, they are also asking for your comments on the specific questions below:

1. Do you agree with the height definitions and the associated separation distances proposed in the draft emerging policy? If not, what do you consider that they should be?

2. Should the separation distance from wind turbines be measured from dwellings or settlements?

3. Do you agree with the suggested separation distances from footpaths and bridleways? If not, what policy do you think should apply to footpaths and bridleways?

The consultation period runs from Thursday 2 February 2012 until 5pm Wednesday 28 March 2012. Any person may make representations on the draft SPD within this consultation period. The draft SPD may be amended prior to adoption, to take into account issues raised during this consultation period.

Comments can be made online through the Limehouse consultation system at, where you can also save and print a copy of your comments for your own records.

Or you can make comments by email or post

Please ensure that any written attachments are in Word format, not pdf. This helps to process your representations more efficiently.

Wind Turbines Consultation
Development Plans
Milton Keynes Council
Civic Office
1 Saxon Gate East
Central Milton Keynes

Loughton Parish Council encourages parishioners to make comments on this consultation and to send copies of submissions to us.

Milton Keynes Council’s Approach to Community Asset Transfers

Milton Keynes Council will be consulting on the toolkitMilton Keynes Council’s Approach to Community Asset Transfer (CAT) between 31st January 2012 and 24th April 2012 in tandem with running a pilot of five community asset transfers, in order to test the validity of this approach.

Purpose of the consultation:

  • To inform key partners what CAT is all about and the reasons for undertaking such a programme.
  • To ensure there is an opportunity for all community partners who have an interest in asset transfer to provide feedback on the Toolkit: MKC’s approach to CAT through various media communications and refine it where necessary to improve the transfer process.
  • That the aims of CAT have been understood.

All comments should be received by the council by 5.15pm on Tuesday 24th April 2012 comments can be sent either by post, by email or online.

For more information about this consultation and the Community Asset Transfer Programme visit :

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