Members and officers

Loughton Parish Council consists of 10 members and a Parish Clerk:

Councillor Peter Todd, Chairman Loughton
Councillor Andy Dransfield Loughton
Councillor Hilary Dyer Great Holm
Councillor Dennis Blackburn Great Holm
Councillor Peter Ballantyne Great Holm
Councillor Joyce Ballantyne Great Holm
Councillor Don Hoyle Great Holm
Councillor Simon Kirkman, Vice Chairman Loughton
Councillor Andy Lovatt Loughton
Councillor Andy Sargent Loughton

The Parish Clerk is Ms Jenny Wilcox

Elections are held every 4 years and the next elections will be held in May 2015

The nomination papers are provided to the Parishes a couple of months before the elections take place. These can be provided electronically. Nomination papers should be hand delivered or sent to the Returning Officer (currently John Moffoot), Milton Keynes Council, Civic Offices, 1 Saxon Gate East, Milton Keynes, MK9 3EJ. When an election is called a timetable will be provided detailing the date by which the nomination papers have to be received by the Returning Officer.

If a casual vacancy occurs then the nomination forms do not need to be used unless the vacancy is to be filled by election. For a casual vacancy, the notice of vacancy is posted in the Parish Ward as soon as possible after the vacancy occurs. A request to fill the vacancy by election can then be made with fourteen days of the date of the Notice of Vacancy, by ten electors of the Parish Ward. Such a request has to be made in writing to the Returning Officer at the address above. In can take the form of a single letter with ten signatures or ten individual letters. If no such request is made then the Parish council can co-opt to fill the vacancy. Each Parish Council has its own procedures for Co-option.

There is information on the MK Council website in the “Parish Toolkit on Parish governance and the role and functions of Parish Councillors and the Clerk.

Loughton Parish Council – Standing Orders

Loughton Parish Council – Code of Conduct

Election of a Parish Councillor – Candidate’s Consent to Nomination

Election of a Parish Councillor – Nomination Paper

Election of a Parish Councillor – Political Party Description Authorisation

Election of Councillors – Declaration of Secrecy – Peoples Act, Section 66

Disqualifications for election and holding office as a member of a local authority – Local Government Act, Section 80

Electoral Commission Guidance

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